Click below to watch a recording of the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting that was held Thursday May 6th at 6:30pm.


Ultra Legs remain unequaled when it comes to advancements on the most proven pontoon leg–lift design. Stronger, sturdier and quieter, they are equipped to handle the ever-increasing size of pontoon boats.

Powered by an out-of-sight 1.5 horsepower 12-volt bi-rotational electric motor, our hydraulic cylinders feature an all-steel construction rated for 3500 psi. Simple remote control operation makes lifting from on the dock or in the boat a breeze.

Ultra Legs are stronger than the competition, featuring an aluminum support bar to increase rigidity and reduce flex and sway when lifting and lowering the pontoon. In addition, each load-bearing pivot is larger than that of the next leading brand, providing unsurpassed strength, giving confidence and peace-of-mind when lifting even the heaviest boat.

Easy maintenance helps keep each set of legs fresh year in and year out. Grease zerks on each hydraulic cylinder rod allow for a quick top-off to keep movement steady and quiet.

Speaking of quiet, Ultra Legs feature noise-dampening stops to eliminate annoying footplate chatter during normal boating operation. The days of leg lifts clanking over every wave are no more. Back up all of this with strong, responsive customer service and you’ve got yourself the finest pontoon leg lift available.


Want to make a difference in Forest Lake? Join the FLLA! Membership dues fund important projects for our lake and help us connect with our members and the community. The more members we have, the stronger our voice and the more we can accomplish. Whether you live on the lake, use the lake or just want to be a supporter of Forest Lake, anyone is welcome to join!


Recognized in the State of Minnesota as a 501c(3) non-profit organization. Donations to the Forest Lake Lake Association are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Founded in 2007 as a non-profit organization [501c(3)], the mission of the Forest Lake Lake Association is to build an expanding, sustainable entity of caring individuals to Promote, Protect, Improve, and Conserve the natural resource that is Forest Lake for future generations.

Invasive species are unfortunately quickly spreading throughout the lakes in Minnesota including our own, Forest Lake. Understanding the issues and current threats to our lake is  key in finding solutions to tackle these invasive species.

The city of Forest Lake is filled with companies and organizations that believe our lake is our number one asset and that it needs to be protected and cared for. Please consider supporting our sponsors as they help fund the FLLA.


The Forest Lake Lake Association was founded in 2007 by residents on Forest Lake in hopes of further protecting and sustaining it for all to enjoy. The FLLA's goal is to educate its residents on how to protect and conserve the lake for future generations as well as work in conjunction with the City of Forest Lake, The Minnesota DNR and the neighboring Watershed Districts to establish "plans of attack" against Invasive species, lake pollution, etc. 

The board members of the FLLA have dedicated their time and energy into growing the membership of the Lake Association as well as educating the community of Forest Lake about why the FLLA matters and the good work they're doing to keep it clean, safe and enjoyable for all that visit.