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Mission Anchor

The Forest Lake Lake Association was founded in 2007 by residents on Forest Lake in hopes of further protecting and sustaining it for all to enjoy. The FLLA's goal is to educate its residents on how to protect and conserve the lake for future generations as well as work in conjunction with the City of Forest Lake, The Minnesota DNR and the neighboring Watershed Districts to establish "plans of attack" against Invasive species, lake pollution, etc. 

The board members of the FLLA have dedicated their time and energy into growing the membership of the Lake Association as well as educating the community of Forest Lake about why the FLLA matters and the good work they're doing to keep it clean, safe and enjoyable for all that visit. 


The FLLA was established to build an expanding, sustainable entity of caring individuals to promote, protect, improve, and conserve the natural resources that is Forest Lake for future generations.


Forest Lake spans an area of 2,270 acres, shore length of 15.71 miles with a maximum depth of 37 feet.

The Forest Lake is a popular fishing lake. Largemouth Bass and Walleye are favorite targets of many anglers, and it is becoming an increasing popular site for Muskellunge angling.  Ice angling for Walleye is popular, especially early in the season. 


Boat access for Forest Lake

City access

West shore of 1st Lake; North of Broadway east of Hwy 61

2nd Lake/Willow Point Access

East side of Willow Point off N. Shore Trail

3rd Lake Access

East shore of 3rd Lake off N. Shore Trail

Timm's Marina

Private facility with launch fee. South shore of 3rd lake off MN. 97

To find out more information about Forest Lake, please visit the Minnesota DNR website here.





My name is Jerry Grundtner and I am President of the Forest Lake Lake Association (FLLA).  I have been President since 2017.  My Wife and I have lived on Forest Lake for the last 32 years.  We have raised our family here and have enjoyed the lake recreationally both during the summer and winter for the last 32 years.

Forest Lake is the 3rd largest lake in the 7 county metro area.  Because of that it is very popular and is being challenged each year with significant Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) and increased usage pressure.   It still remains one of the most premier lakes in the 7 county metro area.  People from all over the Twin Cities use it every week.  It is known as a fantastic fishing and boating lake.  The DNR considers Forest Lake as one of the excellent fishery lakes in the area.  I am confident that you also will find Forest Lake to be that jewel in the rough.


With the significant use of the lake comes challenges and rewards.  Considering we are a metro lake we are very proud of the quality of Forest Lake.  I get comments all the time about how wonderful Forest Lake is and the beauty of it.  To remain the premier lake that it is will take all of us to maintain that quality. 


I hope you will consider helping us with the challenges by becoming a member of the FLLA. With your support and by joining the FLLA you will be helping to protect and defend the quality, safety and natural beauty of Forest Lake.


In you are interested in joining the FLLA click on the membership tab on the website to become a member.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or if you just want to talk.  I am always looking for feedback on what we can do for this great lake.


Thank you,

Jerry Grundtner

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