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P:  952-883-5290

My wife Tammy and I have lived in Forest Lake since 1998 and have two children.  We currently reside on the south side of 2nd Lake, having moved in the Spring of 2011. Both of my children graduated from Forest Lake High School and were both heavily involved in sports and other community programs.   Lake living has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My family had a lake home in NE Minnesota for many, many years where I developed a passion for the water and outdoors.  As an avid outdoorsman, conservationist  and recreational user of the lake, I think it is critical that there be smart balance between access and use of our resource, as well as how we can protect it. Forest Lake is an asset to our community and must be treated as such so that all may enjoy it now and for generations to come.

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P:  612-269-4625

My wife, Andrea, and I have lived on Forest Lake since 2012 and we became members of the FLLA in 2016. I am a new member to the board as I found significant value in its mission and the community members that support it. I love being on the water and watching all the wildlife that call Forest Lake home. I like to fish, kayak, and do water sports, but my favorite is watching our dog enjoy the water as well. Outside of the lake, in the early spring, my wife and I enjoy tapping our maple trees and making our own Forest Lake maple syrup. I work in marketing and sales for a family entertainment center in Apple Valley. I always wanted to live on a lake, and when it became possible, I chose Forest Lake. The health and wellness of the lake is this cities greatest asset and I look forward to doing what I can to help protect it and watch it thrive.




P:  763-443-2438

I have lived on Forest Lake since 2016 and became members of the FLLA in that same year. I grew up spending weekends on the Mississippi River with my family so enjoying our states lakes and rivers has always been one of my favorite things. My husband and I like to fish but we also enjoy just cruising around the lake. Outside of the lake, I enjoy working in my lake-side garden and cooking. In 2016, I started my own business called Gift Six. We are a mobile gift wrapping service, working all-around the Twin Cities in our enclosed, retrofitted trailer, that we call - The Wrappery. Some of my greatest memories (old and new) involve the bodies of water in Minnesota and I want future generations to make those same kinds of memories. The wellness of the lake is essential to keep the city of Forest Lake a thriving community. 




P:  612-751-4666

I have been on the board for the last 5 years and for the last 2 years have been President.  My wife and I have lived on 3rd lake for the last 32 years and have raised our family here on the lake. I joined the board after my retirement in an effort to give back to the lake. Forest Lake has been our life and the ability to raise our kids on the lake has been extremely rewarding.  My greatest enjoyment is driving around the lake on our pontoon and enjoying the scenery and the beauty of the lake and the people living on the lake.




P:  651-777-5277

My wife Doris and I moved to the lake in 2002, two years before I retired. I have been an active member of the FLLA Board since 2007, serving two years as the organization’s second president. For the past 5 years I have also been serving as a Board member of the Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District(CLFLWD). The CLFLWD is the major technical and financial partner in protecting and improving the water and recreational quality of our Lake. Our lake home ( and water toys) have been a major attraction for our 9 grandkids, allowing us to spend more time with them. Fishing was the initial motivator for moving to the lake, but I quickly discovered that I enjoyed the lake’s natural beauty, expanse and soothing tranquility just as much! I strongly encourage you to join /support the FLLA because the size of our membership and dedication of our Board members have allowed us to engage partners (CLFLWD, City of Forest Lake, Washington County and the Dept of Natural Resources (DNR) with the technical knowledge and financial resources to help us protect and improve the water and recreational quality of this valuable natural resource ….Forest Lake!




P:  612-919-3353

I am a proud founding member of the lake association and have served on the since we formed it in 2000.​ I Grew up on the lake and have lived on Forest Lake for most of my entire life. I currently reside on the east side of 1st lake. ​I am a real estate broker/agent in the Forest Lake area and I specifically specialize in waterfront property. I have been representing home owners and buyers on Forest Lake for more than 23 years. ​I love the diversity of Forest lake. It’s a great sportsman lake and a wonderful lake recreationally as well. I enjoy the size and the unique layout of the 3 bodies of water. This makes for year round enjoyment regardless of what type of enthusiast you are. ​It’s important on so many levels......I have called this lake my home my whole life and now am thrilled to be raising my family to enjoy and respect the lake the same as I did growing up.  I am truly committed to keeping Forest Lake desirable by helping in any way I can to better the quality and improve this wonderful resource that we are so fortunate to share. Each year all of our combined efforts as a board and as an association are truly making a difference. I am proud to call Forest lake home!




P:  612-280-4539

I was born and raised on the north side of Minneapolis. I was fortunate to have grandparents who not only had a lake property, but took me out to their place on many of my summer break days. It was those days on Lake Sylvia that I learned that life on lakes is very special, but also a responsibility. I had always longed to retire on a property that was on a lake. My hopes for living on Lake Sylvia did not work out, but knowing of Forest Lake and finding a home on this lake has not only satisfied my longing, but far exceeded any expectations of Lake Life.


My husband and I lived in the Washington DC area prior to coming to Forest Lake. Since he was form New York and I was from Minneapolis, we discussed where we may want to be in retirement. I told him of my desire to be on a lake in MN, but he said he thought winters could be a bit long and cold. He had access to oceans and beaches, but would consider other types of property. In 2011, on a trip to MN he called a local realtor who took us on a field trip through several lake homes on Forest Lake. Our intention was to just look as we would not be leaving the DC area for about 7 to 8 more years. But as we finished up our tour, the final house was so amazing and just felt right. We purchased it and made arrangements for one of my sons to live in this home until the time of our retirement and return to MN. Needless to say, it did not take much to talk him into living in a home on Forest Lake.


In 2018, we retired and would make Forest Lake our full time home. Since then, I have been looking for ways to get involved not only in the local community, but specifically our beautiful natural resource - the lake. We heard of the association sometime after we purchased our place and paid our dues because it was a small part of what an individual can do for helping maintain and preserve the lake. When we moved here, we attended annual meetings and participated in FLLA events like the lake clean up. We met other residents there who cared about our lake. We knew we were in good company and were pleased that folks cared enough not only to pay dues, but actively volunteer for ways to help maintain our lake.


I hope to be a good steward of the lake and as part of the board become even more involved in getting educated and doing more to help preserve what others before me have done. I look forward to being able to do may part with the Forest Lake Lake Association and the many residents who use this resource for recreational purposes.




P:  651-210-4698

I am a lifelong resident of the Forest lake area and have lived on the shores of Forest lake since 2001.  I am one of the founding members of our association and cannot believe what we have become today.  I, my wife and 3 children spend countless hours enjoying the lake each year in all seasons. I work here in town at REMAX Synergy and I am part of the MUSKE Lakeshore TEAM , Riparian Properties.  Keeping this lake clean, safe and fun for all is my main focus. Forest lake…..where we live work and play.




P:  781-424-0230

I am a new member of the FLLA board as of July of 2019.  My wife and I live on First Lake.  We purchased our house in 2014.  We love it. We enjoy fishing, kayaking, cruising in our pontoon, and I especially enjoy small boat sailing. I’m a 25 year IBMer leading Business Development for the Quantum Computing effort. Forest Lake is important to us because of its natural beauty, its proximity to the metro area, and the abundant avian population.  An eagle family is nested near by, a loon couple regular sings out front, and the annual swan visit is remarkable. Forest Lake is a wonderful resource for relaxing, recreating, and just enjoying with friends. I want to do what I can to keep it beautiful for all to enjoy. 




Growing up spending my summers at our family cabin enjoying the nature, fishing, recreational aspects, and serenity which that lake provided, I knew I eventually wanted to live on a lake. In 2017 my wife and I made that move to Forest Lake and became Lake Association members. We have greatly enjoyed every aspect of this wonderful lake especially the tranquility and its wild life. Over the years, I have been very impressed with the lake improvements that are the results of the combined efforts from the Lake Association, the City, the DNR, the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Water Shed District and their contractors. An appreciation for these efforts and an interest to get involved caused me to first become a Lake Ambassador. I am currently a member of the Water Shed District Citizen Assisted Tributary Monitoring program (CAT) and their Zebra Mussels sampling program. I am now excited to become part of the Forest Lake Association Board and help them continue to protect and improve this incredible Lake so we can all enjoy it for years to come.









Jerry G.
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